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MyEnglishLabs are online components designed to complement your favorite Pearson course or skills textbook. MyEnglishLabs optimize instruction through a blend of coursebook and online content. When students use MyEnglishLabs, they access interactive activities and assessment tools that help them take an active role in their learning. With instant access to a wide range of diagnostic tools, teachers can customize learning environments to meet the needs of every student.

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Online Reading-Instruction Practice at Multiple Levels

s_johnsonStefanie Johnson
Instructor, Grossmont College and San Diego Miramar College

Launched this fall is a new online reading lab series from Pearson called MyEnglishLab: Reading. While there are currently Pearson labs for reading, MyEnglishLab: Reading (MELR) is the first one from this publisher geared toward English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students. In contrast to online reading labs for students available through other authors and publishers, these labs come with purchase of the text. It is here that Pearson’s MELR has the clear advantage in that the online component can be used as a supplement with any textbook or as a stand-alone product. As such, MELR provides more practice with various readings and skills practice. MELR is a great tool that is available for four levels and would work in any ESOL course with reading in it. Continue reading

Transform the Way You Teach

Christina Cavage

Christina Cavage

If you have been following along, your interest may have been piqued regarding blended learning. Blended learning involves blending the brick of the physical classroom, with the click of a digital environment. You may have been surprised to learn that employing a blended learning approach to language teaching actually has many advantages over just a traditional textbook.

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What Research Tells Us About Academic Preparation

What Research Tells Us About Academic Preparation

This month’s article presents the three major conclusions of what
20 studies tell us about preparing students for mainstream classes. Do
you use all three in your classes?

1.Teach Fully-Integrated Academic Skills

Just as students need to read, write, listen, and speak in a mainstream
classroom, so academic preparation should integrate all four skills. A
complete curriculum includes training in general academic skills and
then focuses in on how these skills are applied in reading textbooks,
listening to lectures, writing essays, and speaking in presentations.

2. …

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