MyNorthStarLab Wins EDDIE award!

MyNorthStarLab Wins EDDIE award!

MyNorthStarLab has won an Educational Software Review (EDDIE) Award, which are only given to “innovative and content-rich programs and websites that augment the classroom curriculum and improve teacher productivity.”

Want to know why?

Review of MyNorthStarLab
from the EDDIE website:

MyNorthStarLab 3 is a standout example of the seamless fusion of Internet technology and best classroom practices.

“With five levels and two strands – Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking – the NorthStar textbook combines effectively with MyNorthStarLab, the online learning and
assessment component, and provides a holistic approach for the classroom ESL instructor, reaching all levels of ELL students.

“This third edition of NorthStar is unique in that it includes a concern for the academic needs of students as well as their personal language goals, emphasizing the quality of classroom relationships in order to foster those goals. Taken with the content
(genres from literature to lectures, authentic reading and listening selections, purposeful integration of academic and critical thinking skills, test-taking strategies, and oral practice), NorthStar covers all the bases and beautifully.

“Extremely well thought out, mature, and humanitarian, NorthStar and MyNorthStarLab deserve to be in every secondary and post-secondary language classroom. …

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