Video-based Lessons Bring Workplace and Practical Skills to Life

Project Success is a new standards-based, media-rich hybrid course that integrates video, audio, and online tools for a seamless blend of classroom and independent learning. Each unit of Project Succefss follows a person through his or her day. At the center of each lesson are a series of 170 videos that model the situational language, employment, and educational skills students are learning.

Check out Project Success Level 1, Unit 8 – Fresh Foods


Project Success Videos Model Key Competencies

Project Success is a new six-level, four-skills series for adults and young adults that includes a strong focus on workplace skills and 21st century challenges. This highly engaging video-based program models key competencies in realistic settings, with many opportunities for students to practice the competency in pairs and groups. Watch this video vignette to get a taste of the New Project Success!

(excerpt from Project Success Intro, Unit 4)