Voices of Freedom, Fifth Edition

The new edition of the popular citizenship preparation course for beginners now includes an eBook and a mobile app — and a customized version for English-proficient students

We are pleased to announce the release of Voices of Freedom, Fifth Edition. The update provides information about the new administration and the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6. In addition, the update includes new access to the audio program via free downloadable MP3 files (replacing the CDs).

If you are currently using the digital flipbook for Voices of Freedom, your version has already been updated! If you wish to purchase the new Fifth Edition (now available), here are the ISBNs:

978-0-13-762822-3 Voices of Freedom 5e Student’s Book with eBook and App
978-0-13-763024-0 Voices of Freedom 5e Student’s Book with eBook and App & Activity & Test Prep Workbook (Value Pack)

As a service to current users, here are key updated lesson pages about the previous and new administrations and the events of January 6.

Breaking News:

We are also excited to announce Basic Civics for U.S. Citizenship, a customized edition of Voices of Freedom 5e, which weaves the official civics questions and answers into a brief overview to provide context for the content of the exam — the how and why behind the facts on the test. This new book and eBook combination (ISBN 978-0-13-762835-3) is designed for English-proficient adult and secondary school students.

Basic Civics for U.S. Citizenship will be available in April 2022. Click here for more details.

As a service to current users, here are key updated lesson pages about the previous and new administrations and the events of January 6.

Preserving the original (2008) civics test.

Based on input from many educational institutions, advocacy organizations, and others, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) determined that the new (2020) version of the civics test implemented by the previous administration would create barriers to the naturalization process. Therefore, that new version has been phased out, and all applicants continue to take the original version of the test. For this reason, the test preparation activities previously available on this site for the now-rescinded test have been removed.

Preparing for the U.S. Citizenship Test with Voices of Freedom and new supplementary materials

As a service to students who are using Voices of Freedom to prepare for the citizenship exam, we are pleased to offer free activities for supplemental practice with each unit of the course. These fillable PDFs can be downloaded and printed for self-study and classroom use. 


  • Civics Test Practice charts show test questions and answers in separate columns for self-study or practice with a partner.
  • Vocabulary Practice activities highlight key words.
  • Civics Fact Check activities test history and government knowledge.
  • Questions & Answers activities offer test prep through matching exercises.
  • My Civics Test Answers are forms for writing the answer you want to practice for each civics test question.

The activities are listed below by units. An answer key and a zip file containing all the activities are also included.