Transform the Way You Teach

Christina Cavage

Christina Cavage

If you have been following along, your interest may have been piqued regarding blended learning. Blended learning involves blending the brick of the physical classroom, with the click of a digital environment. You may have been surprised to learn that employing a blended learning approach to language teaching actually has many advantages over just a traditional textbook.

Well, are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to transform the way you teach?

Transforming the way you teach involves seeking out ways in which students would have equally valuable learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Using a digital tool both enriches the learning experience for the student and informs our teaching. You can transform the way you teach by simply using a digital tool.

Using a digital tool like MyEnglishLab will enrich the ways your students learn. Students will have access to engaging, rich learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls. There are interactive activities that reinforce classroom content in unique and innovative ways. Students receive tips and hints to help them successfully complete the learning activities. Instant grades are available for students to get instant and encouraging feedback.

Transforming the way you teach with a digital tool also involves finding ways to meet both class and individual needs. Using MyEnglishLab puts the gradebook right at your fingertips, at anytime and at anyplace. You can get a quick glance on how students are progressing and, best yet, you can create easy reports regarding student achievement and success in seconds. There is also a wealth of diagnostic tools to help plan student learning paths for individual students or for the group. Teachers can easily see the common errors that are occurring and address them in a timely and effective manner in the classroom.

Lastly, transforming the way you teach with a MyEnglishLab offers teachers a flexible solution to homework and practice beyond the traditional text. Instruction can be tailored to your course or programmatic needs.


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