Get Those Dictionaries Off the Shelf!

Get Those Dictionaries Off the Shelf!

You’ve made the commitment to add dictionaries to your classroom. Now what do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You want to integrate the dictionaries into your lessons, but your students resist.
  • You want your students to use a dictionary so they become more autonomous learners, but they are apprehensive.
  • Many students, regardless of age or grade, level, have not acquired basic dictionary skills which makes using this classroom tool as daunting task.

If you said “yes,”
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Transforming Your Students’ Vocabulary

Transforming Your Students’ Vocabulary

Do your students say “good” when they could say “fantastic“?
Do they say “sad” when they could say “miserable” or “broken-hearted“?
Do you want to help transform your students’ overuse of simple vocabulary into
vivid, meaningful language?

The Longman Essential Activator® is a contextualized resource
that leads students step-by-step from key words to a more exact word or
phrase, helping them to express their ideas more accurately.

How does the Activator® build vocabulary?

  1. Students choose a word they already know,
    such as big
  1. The clear signposts help students
    navigate to the correct nuance of the


etc. …

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Have You Tried Our Amazing Dictionary Interactive CD-ROMs?

Tania Saiz-Sousa Have
You Tried Our Amazing Dictionary Interactive CD-ROMs?

Tania Saiz-Sousa,
Marketing Manager

Longman Dictionary CD-ROMs give your students a much more robust
learning experience, and truly expand what our Learner Dictionaries can
offer. In addition to making our Dictionaries fully interactive, the
CD-ROMs provideÂ
SAT® and TOEFL® test prep, study skills
development, pronunciation help, self-assessment, and much more. …

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