Transforming Your Students’ Vocabulary

Transforming Your Students’ Vocabulary

Do your students say “good” when they could say “fantastic“?
Do they say “sad” when they could say “miserable” or “broken-hearted“?
Do you want to help transform your students’ overuse of simple vocabulary into
vivid, meaningful language?

The Longman Essential Activator® is a contextualized resource
that leads students step-by-step from key words to a more exact word or
phrase, helping them to express their ideas more accurately.

How does the Activator® build vocabulary?

  1. Students choose a word they already know,
    such as big
  1. The clear signposts help students
    navigate to the correct nuance of the


etc. …

  1. Within a category, students look at the different options. Clear
    definitions and example sentences make choosing the right word easy.

With the Activator®,
your students’ writing can go from this:

The waves were big and it was hard
to swim at the beach.

To this:

The gigantic waves made
it hard to swim at the beach.

Get more information about the Longman Essential Activator®.

Longman Essential Activator: Paper with CD-ROM

ISBN: 978-1-405-81568-0


Essential Activator: Hardcover with CD-ROM

ISBN: 978-1-405-81569-7

Longman Essential Activator: Paper (without CD-ROM)

ISBN: 978-1-405-81559-8