Exercises to Get Your Students Familiar with Dictionaries

Tania Saiz-SousaTania Saiz
Marketing Manager

Exercises to Get Your Students Familiar with Dictionaries

A dictionary can be an invaluable tool for students in their learning
process. Every student should have a dictionary at their desk, not just at the front of the classroom. …

In its most basic use, a dictionary shows students how to
spell a word, the definition for a word, the part of speech, the pronunciation, and correct usage. In addition, the vocabulary demands in the classroom to tackle both reading curriculum and writing tasks are increasingly more challenging.

In order to make the most out of these resources students should become familiar with their dictionary and use it on a regular basis.

The Longman Dictionary of American English Workbook accompanies the dictionary to provide practice for students in acquiring important dictionary and language skills. The following practical exercises (in PDF format) were designed to help students develop basic dictionary skills: