Teaching to This Test

Teaching to This Test

A common complaint among educators today is that the focus on improving test scores affects how and what they teach. But that argument assumes that testing doesn’t measure knowledge but, rather, test taking strategies.

Pearson took this very issue into account when designing Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic). PTE Academic assesses the real life language ability of the test taker. …

In other words, to succeed on PTE Academic, a student must be able to communicate effectively in English. There is really no way to “crack” or cheat the test.

Pearson specifically designed PTE Academic in this way as a response to concerns within the academic community. Universities and colleges found that they were admitting students with very high English language test scores who were unable to use English in the academic setting. The end result was that students were failing classes or dropping out of school altogether.

Institutions that have recognized PTE Academic believe it will help them make more informed admissions decisions. And teachers that tailor their classes around preparing for PTE Academic will be teaching effective communication skills – and not exam strategies.

Finally, because PTE Academic provides granular score data, both teachers and admissions officers can have more insight into a test taker’s abilities across a range of language skills. Both the high-stakes test and the scored practice test score reports include an overall score and then a score breakdown into the communicative skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) as well as six enabling skills (grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse). This allows teachers to concentrate more heavily on specific areas for improvement and it enables academic programs to determine ability in the areas most crucial for their core curriculum.

PTE Academic offers teachers and end users the best of both worlds – the chance to teach students valuable skills and the opportunity to “teach to the test.”

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