How Do Our Dictionaries Help
Your Students Learn Real-Life English?

Tania Saiz-Sousa Tania Saiz, Marketing Manager

Longman American English dictionaries are created
using the Longman Corpus Network (a huge database of 330 million
words from a wide range of real-life sources such as books, newspapers
and magazines.) All the information in our dictionaries, including
example sentences, is based on the words in this network, so you see
only real American English, as it’s really used. So what’s in the
Corpus Network?

The Longman Spoken American Corpus

The Longman American Spoken Corpus is a new project comprising 5 million words of text. The gathering of recordings was undertaken for Pearson by the University of California at Santa Barbara. It represents the everyday conversations of more than 1,000
Americans of various age groups, levels of education, and ethnicity, and includes speakers from over 30 states. …

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