Online Dictionaries Now Available


You know how valuable Longman learner dictionaries are. Now your students can get even more vocabulary and word practice by getting online access to the following Longman dictionaries:

  • Longman Study Dictionary of American English
  • Longman Dictionary of American English
  • Longman Advanced American Dictionary
  • Longman Thesaurus of American English

Even better, the online dictionaries let students use them anytime, anywhere.

Students can buy access codes (PIN codes) for one year or four years of online access. For one year the price is just $10.00 and for four years it is only $20.00.

The online dictionaries contain:

  • the complete contents of the print dictionary
  • pronunciation of all headwords and the example sentences
  • Longman Vocabulary Trainer
  • interactive skills practice

Your students can go to and purchase access to the online dictionaries in minutes. Credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

Once a student completes the transaction, the access code (PIN code) is emailed to the student, usually within five minutes.