Get Your Students Ready for Mainstream Courses

Get Your Students Ready for Mainstream Courses

It seems simple, but it isn’t. Your students have to understand and participate in mainstream classes, but getting them ready can be daunting. Academic Connections follows three principles to teach the language and skills that research has shown your students need for academic success.

Principle 1: Research Base

Academic Connections
starts with research into what students need. This research found a
common set of skills that are important in all academic situations. …

From understanding the structure of a lecture to creating a cohesive
essay, students develop explicit skills that are used every day in
college classrooms.

Principle 2: Integrated Skills

In a university, students read textbooks and then come to class to
listen to a lecture. They then discuss the issues in small groups and
turn in written responses to all of this. All of the language skills
must work together for student success. Academic Connections follows this model as students develop academic skills in all four skills.

Principle 3: Blended Learning

Research has shown that face-to-face classrooms plus online homework is
more successful than face-to-face instruction alone. Furthermore,
online work is fast becoming the norm in every college class. MyAcademicConnectionsLab, the online component to Academic Connections, saves teachers time and improves student results.

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You can also go to the MyAcademicConnectionsLab website to get more information about the online component of the course.