7 Teacher Suggestions for Saving Time with Online Software

Over the last 3 years, we’ve brought out more online software (and won more awards) than any other publisher. Teachers have given us extensive feedback on how they get the most out of moving homework online, and we’d like to share their insights with you.

  1. Ask for trainingWhether it’s your first time using the
    software or not, training is always a good idea. Talk to your
    Coordinator or your
    com/find_your_rep.php?mid=176″ target=”_blank”>Pearson Longman rep
    about this free service.
  2. Plan your semester/quarter in advance – Just as you plan what chapters
    of a textbook you’ll cover each week, choose you homework before
    classes start. The time you put in at the beginning will pay off
    immensely over time.
  3. Make choices about automatically-graded vs. instructor-graded exercises – Do you want to grade student writing or speech? Keep in mind the benefits
    vs. time commitment and plan accordingly.
  4. Don’t assign too much – Try out some exercises yourself to get a
    feel for how long your students might need to do them and keep in mind
    they’ll probably do each exercise at least twice.
  5. Cut out other forms of homework – One of the major benefits of online
    software is that it becomes your primary source of homework. Aside from
    major projects, the online exercises should be all your students need
    to do.
  6. Tell students about it on the very first day –Some students don’t
    buy their access codes right away. If you make it clear to them that
    this is how they’ll be graded right from the start, you’ll
    see much better results.
  7. Be clear about non-assigned work – Since you probably won’t be
    assigning every single activity, tell students what will happen if they
    complete additional work. Will it simply be extra practice? Will you
    correct any student submissions? It’s your choice, but tell your

As you think about the coming year, consider the
huge benefits to you and your students that online software has to
offer. Contact your Pearson rep to schedule a demonstration of
any of our award-winning titles.