Three Secrets of Success — How Teachers Use E-Learning to Save Time and Improve Results

Three Secrets of Success — How Teachers Use E-Learning to Save Time
and Improve Results

There’s a lot of talk about software for language learning. It seems like
everyone has a new way to put more work on teachers’ plates. …

The most successful ESL programs have learned how to avoid overloading
teachers by following a few simple steps.

Let Software Do What Software Is Good At

The first thing to remember is that computers are no replacement for a human teacher in many areas. Computers, however, are very good at providing rich multimedia
experiences (video, audio, voice recording). Computers also never get
tired and can explain the same concepts to students as many times as
they need. Finally, computers can grade homework and tests instantly.

Don’t Change What You’re Doing in Your Classroom (much)

Instead of trying to move computers into your classroom, use them
outside of class. Shift some controlled exercises out of your
face-to-face classroom and put them online. Automatically- graded
homework saves you time (no more grading) and lets you spend more class
time on extended communicative exercises.

Be Careful! Look for New Exercises with a Direct Connection to Your Classroom

In order for students to get the maximum benefit from software, they
need exercises that were written to go hand in hand with the work they
do in class. Be wary of programs that offer generic exercises
rearranged for each book, or programs that just put student book
exercises online.

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