Taking Contextualized Grammar Online

Taking Contextualized Grammar Online

We know that teaching contextualized grammar is important for student learning. What about learning outside the classroom? Too many teachers assign de-contextualized homework — but Focus on Grammar Interactive has a convenient solution.

Make the Connection

When you teach a contextualized grammar lesson in class, you maintain
one continuous theme for the entire lesson. Nearly no-one has enough
time to create homework exercises that keep the same theme. …

Focus on Grammar Interactive
has automatically-graded exercises for every grammar point in Focus on
Grammar and all using the same theme as the student books.

Go Beyond Fill-in-the-blank

Focus on Grammar Interactive
takes contextualized homework one step further. It includes additional
reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises in addition to
controlled practice and editing exercises.

Stop Grading Homework

The biggest benefit for teachers is that all of the exercises (except
writing) are automatically graded. This means that you can assign more
(and better) homework for your students and have less work for

Try It Free

If you’d like to see how Focus on Grammar Interactive can improve your students’ homework and save you some time, try it out. Teachers can register for a free 30-day trial of the software online.

While you’re at it, contact your Pearson ELL Specialist for more information about adopting Focus on Grammar Interactive or any other Pearson ELT series.