University Success: Building Readiness for Rigor

Presented by Christina Cavage

How do you bridge the gap that exists between academic readiness, language skills and a low-level English Language Learner? Many of our English Language Learners come to us with minimal language and academic skills. How can we build those skills while minimizing the time it takes? This webinar walks participants through techniques and strategies that build linguistic, cultural and academic skills.

About the Speaker

Christina Cavage

Christina Cavage has served as an ESL Director, Coordinator and Professor. She received her Master’s in TESOL from West Virginia University, and completed a one-year fellowship at Princeton University, where she researched blended learning and English Language Learners. She has trained numerous teachers all over the world in using digital technologies to enhance and extend learning. She has authored over a dozen ELT textbooks, including University Success, Oral Communication, Transition Level, Advanced Level, Intermediate Level and A2. Ms. Cavage has presented at conferences including TESOL, National Education Computing Conference (NECC), and the League for Innovation.