How to Organize a Lesson Plan Around a Short Story


In this webinar, we will read and discuss excerpts from a short story by a Cuban-American author. In the process, participants will learn how to use short stories to create complete lesson plans that cover all the major language skills – reading, writing, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary, We will also explore how analyzing a story promotes critical thinking. We’ll discuss criteria for choosing a short story that works well for these purposes.

About the Speaker

Sybil Marcus

Sybil Marcus is a co-author of the A World of Fiction series, which uses literature to teach integrated language and critical thinking skills to ESL/EFL students at the high-intermediate to advanced levels. She has lived and worked on four continents and has taught ESL at the University of California at Berkeley Extension and at the Summer English Language Studies program on campus. Sybil has been a frequent presenter at ESL/EFL conferences in the United States, Mexico and Canada. For 15 years she offered a Pre-Conference Institute at TESOL on using the short story to advance language skills. She has also conducted workshops in Russia, Colombia, and Peru for the State Department. The topics included using literature for critical thinking purposes and using literature for conflict resolution.