From the Classroom to the Boardroom: Language Learning and the Future of Skills

Presented by Sara Davila

Jobs, the cornerstone of economic and social lives: giving people meaning, self-respect, income and opportunities to contribute to society. Today, there are numerous concerns as structural changes disrupt employment and occupational patterns. These changes create new challenges for educators. In this session, we will examine the research used to uncover the workplace skills of the future and the connection to language education relevant to any teacher working in language education today.

About the Speaker

Sara Davila

Sara Davila is a teacher, teacher trainer and subject matter expert working in applications of research informed practices in the context of language development. She has worked in the US and abroad as a language teacher and learning expert in the field of language acquisition. Her current research is focused on the Global Scale of English and the practical application of developing accelerated, goal oriented learning programs that provide measurable progress. Sara also continues to contribute to the field through her website, which contains presentations, free lesson plans, and free worksheets for teachers, which can be found at