An Inductive Approach to Teaching Grammar


Grammar teachers often rely on a deductive approach, one in which a grammar target is presented in a lecture format with follow-up practice in the form of drills and exercises. While this method certainly has its place in the grammar classroom, an inductive approach is a more engaging and effective way for students to acquire grammatical structures. In an inductive approach, students analyze examples of a target structure and attempt to figure out the rules on their own. This webinar will explore why an inductive method works so well in today’s grammar classroom. Participants will be presented with creative ways to teach inductively, even while using a traditional grammar book and syllabus.

About the Speaker

Geneva Tesh

Geneva Tesh is a teacher, teacher trainer, researcher and materials writer in Houston, Texas. She has taught at Red Rocks Community College in Colorado, the University of Houston Language and Culture Center, Houston Community College, and Texas A&M. She has contributed to several ELT textbook series, including the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series, Future English for Results, and StartUp.