English language solutions for all learners

Due to school closures, many English language learners lost opportunities to learn and practice their new language, and programs have struggled to create a rich and engaging environment for their students. Pearson ELT provides the best solutions for English language learners of all ages. From top-notch English language materials, digital platforms, and resources to teacher support and guidance, we are excited to partner with schools and programs to ensure that learning continues despite recent disruptions. Browse our catalog.


Versant English Placement Test (VEPT)

VEPT was specially designed for English learners to automatically test their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. The test provides detailed score reports that include current abilities and suggestions for improvement.

VEPT takes just 50 minutes and can be administered with remote proctoring for added security for home test takers. Results are available online minutes after the test is completed, allowing for quick but accurate placement decisions.

Level Test

Level Test can help you place your students at the right level, fast. It gives you the accurate, at-a-glance data you need to understand your students’ needs, both individually and as a group – so you can start supporting them and target your teaching right away.

With just a few basic set-up requirements, the Level Test can even be taken from home.

Teacher Education and Leadership Academy

What steps do you take to improve your teaching experience? How do you keep your teaching credentials up to date?

Join the Pearson’s team to discuss ideas around improving and enriching you ELT teaching practice. We’ll show you how the Pearson’s Teacher Education and Leadership Academy (TELA), the Trinity College London accredited Certificate for Practicing Teachers (CertPTTM) targets the development of pedagogical knowledge and skills in an asynchronous environment. Participants in the coffee break will receive free access to one module and a discount code to purchase the course.

March 25 at 9:00 a.m.

Pearson Digital Hub

Take learning to another level

Implement a new learning strategy with Pearson Digital Hub, an innovative learning management system that offers educational institutions various tools to optimize teaching remotely or online.

Institutional License Solutions

Fill your computer lab with market-leading digital courses from Pearson ELT. With flexible subscription options and easy set up, you can easily provide digital learning to your students.

English Solutions for Corporations

In order for adults to succeed in the workplace, they need strong English and communication skills. Pearson offers a consulting service focusing around English language proficiency and development for the workplace. We partner with companies to create a welcoming environment for employees to prosper and gain the confidence in their English language to match their work skills.

We are focused on delivering value to our customers in the areas of recruitment, employee development, and diversity and inclusion supported with materials to help employers define and develop their employees’ potential.

Digital Goody Bag

Grab our Pearson ELT Adult English goody bag filled with useful information and resources for you and your program.

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