Our Manifesto

What does it take to be confident in English?
For your voice to be heard?
For you to truly be yourself?
It can be a journey of ups and downs.
It’s overcoming your inner doubts.
It’s having fun along the way.
It’s showing strength, and persevering.
It’s where you discover what you’re really capable of.
It’s having the courage to speak up, without letting the pressure get the better of you.
But then, the moment comes when the effort turns to effortless.
You’re able to enjoy the achievement of all your hard work.
The words flow with ease.
Your pronunciation is natural.
Your personality and strengths shine through.
It’s a feeling of confidence and empowerment.
You’ve expanded your horizons.
You’re part of your new community.
Pearson English Language Learning. Be yourself in English.

It opens up new communities to enjoy…


friendship groups,
professional communities,
digital worlds,
circles exploring cultures,
learning opportunities

What the research shows