Join us for a free webinar to celebrate National Grammar Day

March 4, 2019 | 1:00 pm EDT

Grammar Tasks, Projects, and Games to Engage EAP Learners

Presented by Christina Cavage

Looking for ways to extend traditional grammar teaching? Want your students to apply grammar structures beyond the textbook? This webinar will walk participants through several tasks, project-based learning activities and games that will help better engage students with grammatical structures that go beyond drill and kill.  Learn how to design activities, execute them and assess learners in new ways.

Christina Cavage is currently a director of the Intensive English Institute at Florida Atlantic University. Prior to this role, she was a professor of ESL at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and the Department Chairperson and Professor of ESL at Atlantic Cape Community College. In addition to receiving the 2008 Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award, Ms. Cavage has authored several textbooks including: Next Generation Grammar, 1, University Success: Oral Communications, Transition Level and Level Three, Talking About It!, Working at It!. She has also been a contributor to several journals and newsletters. These include: the TESOL Journal (currently The Essential Teacher), Princeton PapersAlways LearningE-TESL, and the NYS Dialogue. She has presented at numerous conferences and conventions, including The League for InnovationTESOL and the National Education Computing Conference.